Thursday, August 4, 2016


THCC Day 4:  Distress Crayons

Here they are...and guess what...
MORE are coming!
I can't wait ...there are more shades and pastels,
LOTS more!!!!!
If you have not tried these crayons... just oughta...
They are FABULOUS...
Kind of like gelatos, but better.  The most 
important thing about these crayons is that they
won"t  react with water unless you want 
them to, all you have to do is touch it.
Get ready to get your fingers dirty!
Tag #1 Distress Crayon Smudge
Get your fingers dirty...Smudge those colors....
all over a layer of Texture Paste.
 This was sooo much fun...
Yep I put only warm colors on here...
guess I need to make one with the
cool colors....YUMMY!

Tag #2 Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco
1st step - apply gesso, 2nd step - more smudging!
3rd step - use stencil and gently rub with damp
paper towel to lift color.
These crayons are so much FUN!!!!

Tag #3 Distress Crayon Textured Resist
The crayons were used like a modeling paste for this tag.
It's just a really thin layer used on the stencil and you go
over it with you finger and continue to smudge inside the stencil.
I really enjoyed this.  
 As I began inking this tag and the design appeared,
I was like Ahhhh, the pink is soooo soft and pretty,  just 
what I wanted to see. This is Tim's "Scribble" stencil.

Tag #4 Watercolor Resist

Tag #5 Distress Crayon Blended Background

Ohhh La La....I am in LoVe with these
crayons....smooth like butter and see how the
colors LoVe each other....Just by blending with 
water ...watercoloring with crayons...XOXO

Tag #6 Distress Crayon Layered Coloring 

First stamp your image, then apply your
collage medium...I used "CRAZING,"
(Two coats, first with a brush and another....
I used my finger -as suggested by the
Master himself- Tim Holtz.)
let dry, apply color with Distress Crayons,
smooth/blend colors, (I used my fingers), 
you can also use your water brush! 
Next dry the colors (this sets them), 
then use Picket Fence Distress Crayon
 to hi-light certain edges of your stamped images.
is just Fabulous here....see all those 
teeny, tiny cracks.  LoVe them!
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  1. It's great to see how much fun you are having with the crayons. Those, "ooh, the pink's so soft and pretty" moments are what it's all about! I'm not taking the class and only have one crayon (Antique Linen) but if I get serious about using them, this class looks like a great way to learn what they can do. Thanks for the peek!

    1. B...thank you so much for taking the time to visit.
      Once you get the crayon won't regret it.
      They are FUN! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some LoVe! xoxoxo