Monday, February 3, 2014

Teresa Collins "Stationery Noted" Mini Book

Good Morning Scrappers....

I wanted to share with you a mini book I designed for
 EMI Scrapbooking Store located in Cumming, Georgia.
As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Teresa Collins.  
Everything she does is "OVER THE TOP" GOOD!
When the paper line "Stationery Noted" came out, I knew 
I wanted to have ALL of it....yes....the paper, the 
embellies, the brads..etc...ALL of it.  I fell in love with
that paper line.  So when Susan (the owner of EMI)
asked me to work with this paper and design a book,
I was thrilled to do it.  The thing is, Teresa makes 
designing so simple. She provides you with just about
EVERYTHING you need to design a mini book, or a 
layout, or even a home project.  She is AMAZING!
I was given a paper pack filled with the paper
"Stationery Noted" and the die-cut accessory sheet,
some cardstock to match, some bling (you gotta have
bling when you work with Teresa's paper, right),
 some ribbon, rings staples, and tags.  I used some 
circle punches, a  Scoreboard, Tim Holtz's 
on the edge die: Brackets #656625, and of course glue to create a 
new mini book with this line.  I didn't need chipboard 
because Teresa's paper is heavy weight paper, so it 
will hold up well with out backing it. Like I said 
earlier, Teresa makes scrapping easy, so I got to work
on this mini book and I made it rather quickly.  
It was one of my favorite books I have ever made.  There
are a few simple embellies that I made that I will share later
on how I made them.  You might be able to figure it
out just by looking at the pictures.
Here is the mini book I designed for EMI.

 I loved making this book.  It has a lot of pockets, tags, and fold outs
which add interest and interaction for people looking at the book
after the pictures are added.  It makes it fun.  
For me, I thought this paper line was perfect to work with.  I loved
the colors and I thought it had so many journaling spots for you to
write about "MY STORY," which is the perfect title for this little 
mini book. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teresa Collins 2014 Western Caribbean Cruise blog is working again. 
I don't know about you, but when my
computer updates and then
I try work on something and NOTHING
works right I get very frustrated.  All this
tech stuff .... I feel like a fish out of water
sometimes.  Does this happen to you?
But no worries...I just call Comcast and
they tell me what to do.  I am so over
Internet Explorer and trying to get it to
be compatible with all the other programs.
It seems Internet Explorer is also having
trouble with Google too, so I haven't been able
to get into my blog at all.
But now I have Firefox and so far so good.

 So now for the good stuff.
Last year I was very fortunate to go on a
scrapbooking cruise with Teresa Collins.
Surely I don't have to explain who she is!
She is the "Rock Star" (I have a good friend
that calls Teresa this and I think it fits)
of designers in my Scrapbooking World.
 That was in Oct. 2013.
Well she is having another cruise in
Nov. 2014 and I am going again....
I am "over the top" excited.  You can follow
this link to check it out:

Teresa Collins 2014 Western Caribbean Cruise
Isn't this FABULOUS????
As much as I will miss my family, I will truly 
enjoy some girl time!  

I am really not a travel girl.  I am 95% of the time
with my family when I travel.  So I have to step out
of my comfort zone to do this.  But I figure the more
I do it, the better I'll get.  When I travel with my family
my husband does everything.   So I believe that at my
age it is alright for me to try and do some things on
my own. 
Do you like to cruise?  How do you know what to take?
How in the world am I going to get everything I need
in one suitcast......HELP is needed!
I would really like to have your input.
For me I will be flying to our port instead of driving this
time.  I need to pack better. I think this time around I
will be more selective about what I take.  I am open to any
suggestions you have for me. I would appreciate it.
More info will be provided on this throughout this year.
It's fun to have something to look forward to! 
Until next time...Oh and don't forget to leave me some
packing advice!