Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tim Holtz April Tags of 2015

Above are my April 2015 Tim Holtz tags.
You can check out Tim's April 2015 tags on his blog at:
When I first glimpsed Tim's tags for April, I was again blown 
away by the creativity, you know, his ability to come up with the ideas,
execute the techniques, and then to explain it so simply that I 
can actually try to recreate it.  I could actually see these flowers 
made larger, put in a frame, and placed on a wall in a room in my 
I fell in love with his "NEW" dies....I gotta have them..
don't you....
O K back to the tags.....
I changed a few things on my tags....I am after all a girl, and well
I like some shimmer and bling every now and them.
When using the watercolors on the flowers, I just had to add some 
Glam shimmer paint.  When the light hits the flower, you can see
it shimmer.  My photos didn't do a good job picking that up.  
But I know it's there..."GIRLY" stuff!
I also added a bling to the dot of the i and added Glam 
paint to make it and the star pink. For the tag I added gold alcohol ink to the
dot of the i and the star.....YES....creating every day makes me 
so happy....I am so GRATEFUL for Tim Holtz...such an
inspiring teacher....I never get tired of learning from him.
Oh this year is going by way too fast......
Thank you for visiting!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Winner For Tim Holtz Tags

Hooray, HooRay, HOORAY....YES....
A friend texted me today to tell me:
Mylissa....YOU are a WINNER!
You are part of the group that was
picked for the March tags!
I laughed out is such a 
FUN feeling!  

I have so much to learn in
this SCRAPPY world of ours....
makes learning about
art mediums sooo much FUN!
I really enjoy learning as I create 
these adorable tags....
I just had to share my joy....

If you haven't made a tag lately
You should hop on over to Tim's blog 
and give it a go....

(I still have to do January's Tag)  LOL