Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Creative Chemistry 103 Day 2

All about Paints and Stains

I just have to SHOUT....
I am loving it!
I set a goal ....
I am going to try not to OVERTHINK THINGS!
I am going to BE BRAVE...
and I am not going to worry about how any  of 
my work turns out...I can redo, practice, and 
continue to improve....
Here is my tag for

As you can tag is going to help me to 
(more tags to post later)
LOL....I wish there was no such thing as sleep and
Here are the other 4 tags
Distress Paint Lifting
Distress Stain Rub Resist
Distress Luminous Mica
Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolor

The first four of these lessons were FABULOUS...
Here is a little information about each one....
Tag #1:  Distress Paint Resist
I have stamped with paint many times, but 
I found the added layers so very interesting
and it added so much depth to my tag.
Tag #2:  Distress Paint Lifting
I definitely need to switch to flip tops on my paint.
Here is why....

 Yep if I had switched my tops...this wouldn't have 
happened!  I have some...I need to count my paint and 
purchase some for the rest.
I am in love with this technique...this is also 
perfect to try if you like to art journal.
For me I wrote the steps down as a reminder.
I kept wanting to put the stencil down and then paint.
(yep I sometimes have trouble following directions and 
want to go off into the sunset -LOL)

My mind was focused on what color of paint / stencil to 
use instead of the technique.  I love how this finished tag 
turned out.

Tag # 3:  Distress Stain Rub Resist
I  have always enjoyed rubbings.  
I found that my Basic Grey Roller Stylus just
didn't have the oomph I needed to transfer my
rubons.  Of course I didn't want to use my stash of 
Tim's (I will save those for the perfect project)
so I used something older.  So I switched to an old 
bone folder.  The reason I liked using this tool is
that the tip of the bone folder has a larger surface and
 I was able to transfer the image faster.  Rubbing lots
of items can sometime take a while with a small tool.

I am sorry Tim....but by the time I heard you say put 
random images around the edges of your tag...
I was already going for a complete image....
Right smack in the middle!
I wouldn't change anything about this tag...

Tag # 4 Distress Luminous Mica
Here is my tag BEFORE
I sprayed it with Distress Tarnished Brass
I love how there is so much going on with these
colors....I really didn't want to spray it...
but I was GooD and did what the teacher asked!
And spray I did!  Be careful with the sprays...
they are very good at what they do!
More info on Distress Mica Sprays and
Distress Spray Stains -
( I did NOT have the Mica Sprays)

 Distress Metallic Spray Stains are metallic pigment in a colored liquid
– Distress Mica Sprays are metallic mica in clear resin

Tag # 5 Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolor
O K I am going to be honest...
I am not CRAZY about this technique....
I have tried this several times and out of all the
techniques...this is my least favorite.
(maybe I need Tim to hold my hand)
Out of all the markers I tried...I only got two to
work....I probably would of had "MUD" on my
tag because after a while...I was just picking up
markers trying to get them to work...I didn't care
what color it was.
So yes...I finally gave up and just used my spray 
stain...I like how it turned out too!
I have to give Tim some credit here...he was 
very enthusiastic about his project!  
I PROMISE Tim...I will continue to practice 
on this technique!

Hooray...DAY 2 Tags Completed!


Time for Creative Chemistry 103
 (with my favorite teacher:  TIM HOLTZ)

I can't believe it....
CC103 has arrived.
I am pressed for time to get 
everything completed in one day.
No worries right.
I will just keep at it until I finish.
First tag completed:
Distress DIY Ombre'
I have two more completed and two more
to go....
AS Cher would say...
"If I could turn back time"....
Right now it is almost 4 AM...I better get some
sleep so I can create more tomorrow.
Here are my completed tags from Day 1:
Distress DIY Ombre'
Distress Highlight Stamping Technique
Distress Off-Set Stamping
Distress Washed Watercolor
Distress Micro-Glaze Resist
I tried to pick a favorite, but I couldn't.
There are things that I really like about each tag. 
Even though they are all different styles and 
techniques, I enjoyed creating all of them.
I have quite a bit that I still need lots of 
practice on, but it is exciting to see 
improvement in my skills.
Of course you can't help but 
improve with the greatest teacher
in the whole wide WORLD: