Sunday, August 21, 2016


Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo

This skeletal image is NOT on Black Paper.
It is Alcohol ink and a stamped 
resist image on Yupo.
This COOL technique was used in
If you give this a try,  You will be 
AMAZED by the outcome.
This works only on Yupo.
Apply your alcohol inks and Mixative ink 
to your alcohol ink applicator tool and apply 
to Yupo covering your background.
(Have a towel ready at this point). 
Using a stamp apply ARCHIVAL INK ONLY
and stamp the Yupo with the stamp.
IMMEDIATELY wipe away the Archival ink 
with a dry towel to take off the ink.
Ta Da.....a ghost of the image remains.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016



Sampler Card for Texture Paste
 I don't mind completing any homework
for Tim!!!! LOL
The three types of Texture Paste used on
Here is my Sampler Tag:
These texture pastes are exactly what they are called.  
A Matte and glossy smooth texture
with a resist finish.
Plus an opaque matte finish that you can 
add or remove color.
I think these are so much fun to use
especially with stencils.  
They really look like bricks!!!!
I am all about having
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More Homework
Our assignment is to make another 
This one is to show the effects of different 
Here is my Sampler Tag.

This product is really cool.  From this 
photo you can really see the small grit texture.
This product has to be air dried and dries to a matte finish.   
You should not apply a heat tool to it. 
Grit-paste is a lot of fun to use as you can use it
with inks, stains, paint and my personal 
favorite.....the distress crayons,
I can't wait for the new colors to come out.



We have a  homework assignment!
Tim asked us to create a sampler tag using 
 This tag is created using ALL
so you will have a sample of each product.

I love all three of these products.
The Matte:  Glues, seals,  and resists color.
The Crazing:  I colored with a Distress Crayon,
so you could see the effect.  I really, really like this
product!  It continues make this tiny cracks under the 
surface.  It makes it like a really old piece of leather 
or book jacket that is cracking.
Can you see it?
The last product is my FAVORITE!!!
Vintage:  This gives your project a wonderful
aged look.  The more layers you put on, the
darker it gets!  LOVE!

 (Each Distress Collage Medium is also available in
individual larger sizes).

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Tim Holtz Aug 2016 Tag

Here is Tim's Tag for the month of August.
I am "In LOvE" with this month's tag.  
If you are too and want to follow along, here is the link:
Tim has all of his directions on how to make this tag
on his blog....
Here is my take on Tim's tag...
I just had to take some time out from 
Creative Chemistry 103 to make an August Tag.
I began by making the background....I just LoVe the colors.

So I didn't have the Stormy Sky in the spray so I just used my distress ink.
Just follow Tim's directions and use the ink pad instead.
I then focused on what design I wanted for the tag.
I really felt like sticking to Tim's main design because I lOvEd
it that much.  However, I wanted my honeycombs to really stand out.
When I saw that he used the corrugated cardboard as one of the 
products, I thought that would make great honeycombs stacked onto
each other to give it a 3D look.

As you can see I went ahead and put all of this together...
I always check out my scrap paper for projects. 
There's always something in there especially for small parts.
I ended up having to make my label...
.I am either out or never had any....
This tag is coming together pretty quick at this point.
Mainly because Tim has done all the work for me.....
To make the label, I measured the honey combs,
 because I didn't want it to be larger than that design.
I cut a strip of  black and white card stock,
(making sure the white was just inside the black),
and glued them together.   (Don't forget the angles at the top).
Then I just took the black sharpie
 and used the ruler as a guide  to draw a
 line along the edge of the white paper. 
I inked with Antique Linen, Brushed Corduroy 
and Walnut Stain Distress Ink on the label and cut it to size.
Now to figure out the rest of the design and the embellishments.
Sometimes you have to try several ideas 
before you find the RIGHT one!!!!
I finally decided to go with the darker flowers...
I think that might be a taupe color.  
I used some stamps from these sets.
I printed my quote in a"WORD Doc." onto
white card stock, cut it and inked it.
Two teeny tiny bling were added onto the bee.
I used Tim's tiny types for the word BE...
I just had to cut them down a teeny tiny bit....
 and then time for the Burlap Ribbon (distressed) at the top.
Last Step: splattered Walnut Stain!
I LOVED every minute of making this TAG.....

Whoo Hoo....
in every way 
and every day!
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Friday, August 5, 2016



I am soooo excited to try this new
product.  It's called YUPO.
Tim says it's synthetic...a plastic...
and I will tell you after watching his video
in Creative Chemistry 103, that this 
product will WOW you when you
use the alcohol inks with it!
I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for
my YUPO product to arrive.

Anyway, I decided that I would just 
create one tag for Day 5 with Glossy Paper
and then repeat it again on Yupo when it arrives.

Alcohol Ink Stamped on Glossy Paper
Check out this background....
soooo sad my stamp slipped and this is all you 
are going to see of this BEAUTIFUL background.

This is pretty, but if I had just added some 
more BLUE...I would have had similar results.
Tag #1 - Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo

This technique is really I think all 
the lessons with alcohol ink will be.
So you apply alcohol inks and the Blending Solution onto
your applicator tool, and dab it all over your Yupo.
Keep applying until you like your background.
Let this dry.
Stamp your image with Archival ink......
be ready with your towel to wipe off the ink.
And TA magic there is kind of this
ghost image left.   FABULOUS FUN!

My Yupo product has arrived!
Tag #2 _Alcohol Ink Faded Layers on Yupo

This technique is a lot of fun and reminds me of the techniques used in 
Art Journaling.
Begin adding your layers of color of alcohol inks.
.(Let these layers dry). 
Put some blending solution onto your mat and 
gently work the solution onto your round blending tool foam....
(Making sure you apply just enough to wet the foam).
Next take a stencil and lay it on your project where you 
want the design.
Take your round blending tool with blending
solution applied to it and gently remove the color.
I really like this technique.
Tag #3 - Texture Resist on Yupo

Using alcohol inks make your background. 
Next pick an embossing folder to emboss with.
In order for this technique to work, this next step is important.
When embossing make sure the image is going to be pushed up through
the paper...(you want to be able to feel the raised image on the colored side of the paper).
Ink the raised surface with Archival ink and then immediately wipe away the ink
with a dry cloth.  You can work in small areas of the embossed image at a time.
As you can see from the tag, the embossed image appears after you wipe 
away the ink.....LoVe this technique!

Tag #4 Alcohol Ink Painting
You can make a very pale background and stamp your
image using a light color of Archival ink before you begin painting.
I went online and found an image to guide me and 
just painted it without stamping.
Pink Daisy
Here is my Alcohol Ink Painting on YUPO.

I found painting with Alcohol inks fun. Once you figure out how they work 
(they dry fast...but you just rewet the ink with blending solution), I think the inks
make them another great product to paint with.

Tag #5 - Alcohol Ink Liquid Landscape on Yupo
I found this technique interesting...but I was very hesitant and leery
of this entire process.  But once you go with it and just allow yourself
to play and not worry so much about the outcome...I found I
liked my end result.  You just move the alcohol inks around
 (you can use a straw or popsicle stick or some smooth tool on 
the surface) and try to achieve a landscape design.  
Pretty cool.....and I fell in Love with it after I stamped
the pine trees on it. 

Tag #6 - Alcohol Ink Splattered Florals on Yupo 
This was another technique that 
I was hesitant about trying. 
I just didn't see the purpose.
So I decided.... well this is suppose to be FUN!
And that is what I tried to do ...HAVE FUN!!!!
Apply Alcohol inks directly to Yupo.
 Apply blending solution, and then blast the ink 
with air using a straw or canned air.
I just used the Distress Marker Spritzer for 
this technique....I didn't have a can of air
or a straw on hand.

This is the final lesson from 
Creative Chemistry 103.
I have learned a great deal and
had a lot of fun using products and techniques
that I haven't used before.
Thank you Tim Holtz,