Wednesday, August 3, 2016


THCC Day 3:  Distress Collage Mediums and Texture Pastes

I have always loved creating collages
Looking at old photos.
I sat with my grandmother and my father
looking at photos and watching them place 
photos in albums.  As they worked they would 
talk to me about all the details of the photos:  who was 
in the photo, whose side of the family they were on, and how they
were related.  
I had purchased the Vintage Distress Collage Medium some
time ago and fell in love with the appearance it 
gave my projects.  It brings back the memories
I have of looking at family photos of people long ago.
My father would really love this medium if he were here.
Tag #1 Distress Layered Collage

The Distress Vintage Collage Medium along with the
Distress Crayons worked  "PERFECTLY" for
aging this project.  
Tag #2 Texture Paste Coloring
 Tag #3 Texture Paste Embossing
I didn't have the proper paste for this project so
I gave it a go with something else that I love to use...
This stuff is sooo much fun...
so here is my tag with a different product.
Tim is always saying...practice...try new things might discover something fabulous.

This could be a beautiful piece of fabric....
I am always in AWE when I use this stencil.
THS032 Flourish
Tag # 4 Texture Paste Resist
These tiles on this tag were made by using 
Tim's Tiles Layering Stencil # THS042
and the Transparent GlossyTexture Paste...
Tim used Picket Fence Ink on his tag to
highlight the tiles.  Mine is ordered so 
I just used some Distress Walnut Stain Ink on mine.
I love how this turned out.
Tag #5 Distress Grit-Paste Grunge
I really liked this product.
I don't mind getting my hands dirty at all,
so I applied it with my fingers just like
Tim suggested.
Then I applied the distress crayon.
It's really best to smudge the color in
with your fingers.  The color just blends and
smooths out and softens.
(If your finger gets can switch fingers
or use a rag).
The Grit-Paste looks like tree bark to me here.
My father love the Smoky Mtns. which is where
this photo was taken.
For me....I would say this is a keeper!!!!
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