Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dad Mini Book

Father's Day 2015

As Father's Day approaches, I feel my heart hurt because my
father won't be here to share it with me.   He had a stroke 
Jan. 1, 2012 and passed away 17 days later.  It was definitely a sad 
way to begin the new year....and those 17 days were some of the
hardest days I have had to endure, but I wouldn't
trade those days for anything.  I spent almost the entire
17 days with my dad and was with him as he passed away.
I was always a daddy's girl...there are so many wonderful 
memories to treasure and hold on to. 
My daddy loved the Smoky Mountains.  
I have wonderful memories of us hiking and 
camping there throughout my entire life.
One of my favorite quotes is:
"When you are in the mountains 
you are closer to Heaven." 
 I miss him so very much every single day, but
I  believe he is in a better place, 
free of sickness and pain.
 So since he has passed away, I realize that the time
I have left on this earth is very precious and that I really need
to work harder on documenting and scrapping the family
history that I have in boxes in my basement.  I feel that 
this is my mission in life, to get the pictures, that have been
packed up for so long, in memory books, so they
can be enjoyed and treasured by my family.  In some of my 
earliest posts I posted a few of the projects I did for my 
daddy for his 80th birthday. 
 I will always be grateful that I was able to complete
those projects before he passed away.
Here is a picture of my daddy taken during Christmas of 2011:
I love you daddy, and I always will.

So treasure the family times and take pictures.
And after you take your 
something with them. 

When I designed for EMI Scrapbooking Store
I designed mini books all the time.
This is where I learned so much about the 
scrap booking industry.  My love for scrap booking
just continues to grow and grow....I really love it....
Creating with paper and photos just makes me happy, happy, happy!!!

Here is a mini book titled "#1 Dad"
that I designed for EMI a few years back.
It was made with American Crafts Paper. It has some
cute little flips, flaps and pockets for a lot of photos.



I hope you enjoyed checking out this adorable mini book
designed, for EMI Scrapbooking Store,
 for a special "DAD!"
I supplemented red, white, blue, and 
craft cardstock in this book.
I used some star brads and brads, ribbon, twine, black ink and
stamps to embellish this book.  For the most part,
 it was made with glue, chipboard and paper. 
This paper line titled Chap by American Crafts was a 
favorite of mine to use for any project for a male in 
your life.  I still have some of it waiting for that 
"PERFECT" project!  

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