Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mini Scrapbook:  Loving Life

This book has to be one of my most favorite books
that I designed for Susan Moore at EMI Scrapbook
Store.  I happen to love GLITZ paper, but when
I first saw this paper with all that purple and yellow
together, my first thought was what will we do with
that?  It made me think of this teacher I had in college
that wore only purple and/or yellow.  She even had a
purple car. I also happen to love a lot of color, and the rain
.....but I had just never really worked with all those vivid
colors in a paper line.   So I just decided to embrace it.  If you
 ever watch some of those decorating shows where they don't
 have enough money to do a total remodel...they give advice to
embrace the worst part and work with it instead of against it.  So I
started thinking about this paper....I wanted it to be a happy the title of the line "Dancing in Sunshine,
 ...not a book about the rain, which is what some of the paper
pattern and stamps were about.  And that is how I came up
with "Loving Life!"  I began to think about what I loved about
life, like dancing in the rain...listening to the rain...seeing a
rainbow after the rain...feeling the sun on my face...Just being
HAPPY from simple pleasures in life! I went through all my
stamps about being "HAPPY" and even went on line searching
for happy quotes.  This is what I do when I start prepping for a
new mini book.  I hunt and gather info and products so I will
have everything that I might need at hand so when I begin, it
will all be in reach.  Here are the pictures to "LOVING LIFE:"




I think this book has so many details.  I used stamps, hand made flowers,
marker detailing, inking, punches, distressing, eyelets, and hand cut
designs.  When I go through this book, I see so much that interests me. 
I have a lot of "favorites" in this book.

First favorite is the hand-made scrabble letters on the cover.  I ran
across a blog by Lisa - What a Beautiful Mess - one day when I was
searching how to make scrabble letters.
I knew I didn't want to use the real scrabble letters because I felt they
would be too bulky and heavy for my cover.  I love learning anything
 new when it comes to scrapbooking.
It keeps my interest level high, and I feel as if I have
accomplished something else along the way.   So when I ran
across this scrabble letter tutorial, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to begin.
You can check out the tutorial easy...
 Second favorite is the dolly on the cover.  I had just purchased this die
by Sizzix and was really itching to use it.  (Oh and the flourish floral with
 leaves that I layered the flowers on top of the flower to give it more
 dimension.) This dolly on the cover turned out sooo cute.
All I did was layer it with chipboard, cut larger flowers out of phone
 book paper, and use a crochet flower with a brad in the middle. 
I think it turned out just right. 
Here are the DIES I used by Sizzix:
 Dolly - # 657357
Flourish - # 656520
Vintage Lace Die by Tim Holtz - #657481
I also like the little fold out bird page with the lace tacked on the end.
I love birds and the lace gives it such a feminine/romantic look. 
 This turned out sweet.  All I did was cut the paper into a 4" x 12" strip
and score it at the folds. I hot glued the lace to the end along with the
ribbon and an antique button.  To get the lace bird look, I hand cut
the bird out with my Cutter Bee Blade  and glued the lace under to
 cover the opening...and put Kraft cardstock on the back to cover
 and added a quote.  I just tacked the ribbon under before gluing.
Another favorite is all the hearts in the book. I am a heart lover. 
I absolutely "LOVE" scrapbooking and want to share it with everyone. 
 So my heart is in everything I do.
 I guess you can tell from how I'm going on and on that I came to
absolutely love this paper line. If I had more of this paper, I would
love to create something else. 
I hope you have enjoyed checking out this mini book...If you have any questions or
comments, send me an email.
And don't forget to scrap! 


  1. i love your scrapbook specially the designs that you have made

  2. Dear Scrabble Words: How exciting that you visited my blog and like my work and left a comment...Thanks so very much!
    Sincerely, Mylissa

  3. I loved using LISA NAZARIO-GREGORY's scrabble letters. I didn't have any trouble with the picture quality of the letters when I made mine. I made mine very small. The size of my letters were slightly over 1/2 inch. The size of my letters after mounting on chipboard and leaving a border were 3/4 of an inch. I will try and take a picture holding a ruler to my cover so you can see the size. I hope this helps.