Friday, April 29, 2011


What a gorgeous day today.  I really wanted to be outside and plant,
but today was just one of those days when I knew that wasn’t going
to happen.  I just had too much to do. I can’t wait to get some herbs in
pots.  I love going out on the porch and cutting fresh herbs to put in a meal. 
I also didn’t have time to scrap and I know I am not going to have time for
scrappin until Sunday evening.  Just too much to do.  I’m also trying to come
up with something to do for my mom for “mother’s day!”  That is next
SUNDAY…if you can believe that.  I think it just snuck up on me.  I’m
thinking of doing a mini book for her.  I believe I can do that between
now and the next time I see my mother.  I am working on ideas now.  If anyone has any ideas they want to share, I am open to suggestions.  I shall not be back on the blog until Sunday.  Until then…Maybe I’ll see you on the scrappin road! 

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