Thursday, April 28, 2011

Southern Storm

Last night I could not go to sleep. 
I was up,
waiting for the storm to come through our area. 
I was watching the news,
waiting for the weatherman to say….
I was waiting and waiting.
I was also worried about the rest of my family that lived in
other parts of the south,
worried that if I went to sleep,
something would happen to someone I loved. 
Today…I am lucky! 
While my parents are still here at my home,
my youngest brother is still at my parents house. 
One of tornados hit ½ mile away from their home. 
There is still no power,
but my brother is safe along with their home.
Yes…we are LUCKY!

My heart and prayers go out to
everyone that was affected by
the terrible storms that went
across our southern states last
night and early this morning! 

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