Saturday, February 29, 2020


Hello Crafters....

Life can certainly interfere with CREATIVITY TIME!

#1:  In May of 2018 we helped our youngest son and his
family purchase a home and move.
#2: In June we began the task of preparing our home to
sell. Time to downsize and move back home.
 (My husband and I have been married for over 30
years).   You can just imagine all the things you collect
over that time period.  So this task consisted of not only
home repairs (we have lived in our home for 13 years) but
also getting rid of a lot of "STUFF!" For me it was actually
embarrassing to have to walk my realtor through our home....
especially the basement.  There was a huge room in the
basement that was just full of  "STUFF!"  We had broken
down two relatives homes and many items ended up in
the basement...along with our things. It  was up to me to
clean all this out...but you know it had to be done and I was
up for the challenge.  I made a list and stuck to it.  Needless to
say, I marked off everything on that list and it felt soooo Good!
#3 House went on the market in Aug. of 2018.
#4 We bought a new home and began moving things from our
current home to our new home. Yep we moved everything
ourselves except for the heavy furniture. (I would never
 recommend anyone in their 60's to do what we did).
#5 In Nov. of 2018 we got a contract on our home.
#6 We completely moved everything out of our home in
preparation for the new owners by the end of the year.
#7 Our home sold in mid Jan of 2019.  HOORAY!
#8 Now to get settled in our new home.

Our NEW HOME !!!!

(Every chance I got, I would work on my scrap room).  
For the first time I actually had a room with lighting,
 electricity, and heat/air.
My room even had and attached bathroom. I felt like a 
By Spring, I felt organized enough that I could begin
scrapbooking again.  It had been over one year since I 
had created.  
The first things that I created were some Tim Holtz tags.
That is all I needed to get my groove back was to have
some guidance from the master.  It feels soooo
MARVELOUS to be creating again.
I will share some of my creativity in my next post.

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