Thursday, November 10, 2016


Tim Holtz 2016 November Tag

I just can't believe November is already here...
One more month, one more tag and we will
be in a new year.....
The morning air has a lovely chill to it and 
the leaves are turning....
My favorite time of the year!!!!!
(When it feels like it) LOL!
Thanksgiving is around the corner....
So much happening this time of year and
so little time to squeeze everything in.

But I will always make time for creating.
It soooooths my soul.
Check out Tim's tag for this month:
I love the topic of this month's tag....the thought of Fall
and Thanksgiving with Families traveling all over 
If you would like to check out the directions to Tim's
tag...Just follow the link to his blog....
As always, Tim is gracious with his knowledge and
he will show you exactly how he created his tag.
I grew up in a large family....camping in the Smokeys
and getting together with cousins....These ended up
being really large gatherings ... 
Sooooo I couldn't resist putting together a tag
with MORE leaves.....
I have to have more....
Here is my 2016 November Tag:
I have always been a lover of trees ...
I got this natural love of the woods from
my father.  For this tag, I just pictured 
what I would love to gather from the woods...
leaves, flowers, berries, acorns and some twigs and
then you have all this beautiful color that looks good
no matter how you gather it.  (at least that is how
my mind sees it)
For my tag my theme is the same as Tim's and my title is 
made like his....I made more than one leaf, 
but I water colored  them with distress ink instead 
of the distress markers. Everything else is different.
(I know...I didn't put any rubons on the back ground...
but there really wasn't room).
When I begin a project....I have to "GATHER"
EVERYTHING that I think I might need.
Sometimes this creates a large mess, but I just don't want to 
forget anything...for me it is all in the DETAILS! 
Clean up between each projects is a must.
Everything has to go back to it's "HOME."
If I have more than one project going on ...I'll put 
the supplies and project into a basket until I can get back to it.
I had two other projects underway when I began this tag.
I became very involved in the creation of this tag and 
couldn't wait to finish.
I think if you look closely at the tag, you can probably
figure out what I did...and if you can't, and have a 
question...all you have to do is ask and I will answer back!
(This is not a test...Ha Ha)!
I started by embossing the tag with a 
wood grain design and then using
Pumice, Hickory Smoke, Walnut, Vintage
Photo, Mahogany, and Espresso Distress Stains
to color the back ground of this tag...I used Tim's distress
tool on the edges of the tag and then inked the edges.
In the can't see much of it, but I really wanted 
to create a lot of layers for the base of this tag.
I put the lighter colors on first and then I inked
some of the darker color onto the raised portion of
the embossed design to create some depth.
You can see the tag background in a photo 
later on.
I then created my title. 
 I have found that when working with small parts, 
it is very helpful to put these small pieces in a tray.
I constantly drop these little pieces.....some of them are
never to be found again!!!! (I have no idea where they
disappear to)!
I used Distress Walnut Stain Marker
to ink the inside of the letters on the title so 
they would show up more.  I used WALNUT DISTRESS
I saved the inside of the
A and R and added them inside the letter.

Now for the leaves.....
I stamped these images onto Tim's watercolor paper.
Using his distress ink, I water colored all
the leaves.

I cut all these out and began placing my pieces onto the tag
to get a feel for their placement.

Here are some other dies that I got out.
 I used the IO Fern Leaf, Elizabeth Craft Berries,
and the Pretty Pink Posh Balloon String  (for the twigs) dies.
 I cut the berries out of brown scrap cardstock and 
used red Stickles on the berries.
I cut the twigs out of manila folder and 
inked them using Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain.
I used two sunflowers and layered one on top
of the other for more depth.  The sunflower
and acorns were made from stamps.
I watercolored the images, cut them out and
inked them. I cut some of the petals on the sunflower
and inked around the edges of the cut.
I glued all the parts onto the tag. Next I made the word
"TOGETHER" in a word document and cut that out,
backed it with cardstock and inked each part.
I then used Candy Apple, Carved Pumpkin,  Mustard Seed, 
and Brass Distress Spray Stain on the ribbon.
I also used some twine near the title.
Below is the Acorn Charm I used along with
Tim's Token: Traditions which I attached using
one of Tim's loop pins.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my 
blog.  I hope each and everyone of you 
have a very Blessed Thanksgiving.
Feel Free to Leave some 


  1. Love this tag. It just screams autumn!

    1. Thank YOU BLockHEad....LOL...I feel as if I am writing to Charlie Brown...I appreciate the "SCRAPPY LOVE!" XOXO

  2. Stunning Mylissa! It really caught my eye while I was looking at the uploads on Tim's post,so I had to leave a comment!

    1. Thank YOU Laurie for visiting my blog and leaving some delicious "LOVE"...made me feel sooo good! I am glad you liked my tag!!!

  3. Absolutely magnificent! This tag is full of delicious details and the autumn colors are so real! I like it a lot!

    1. Stefania....THANK YOU sooo much for stopping by my blog...YES...Just exactly what I was trying to do...make a tag full of FALL colors!!!! SO HAPPY YOU like it!!!!!!! Makes my heart swell! XOXO

  4. WOW what an explosion of Fall Yummines! I love your tag :)

    1. Nicole....THANK YOU for visiting and leaving some "SCRAPPY" LoVe!"...Makes me feel soooo good! XOXO

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Love your version and I might just borrow your acorn idea for mine. :)

    1. Shelly....Thank you sooo much for taking the time to stop by my blog! I am sooo HaPPy you like my tag! Thank you for the lovely comments, makes me feel sooo good! and of course borrow the acorn idea...LOL...I am a good sharer!!!

  6. Huge congratulations on your beautiful Tag! You described exactly what I was thinking, when you said you wanted to make what you'd gather, walking about...I do that all the time! Now, I need to learn how to incorporate it into MY crafting! This turned out so perfect!

    1. Thank YOU sooo much Mel!!!! I love FALL and put a lot of my heart and soul into this tag...I really got carried away and forgot about the objective! Ha Ha...I know Tim doesn't mind if we do our own think..Thank you again for visiting! M

  7. Mylissa, I'm just overjoyed to see your hard work and gorgeous design on display as a winner on Tim's blog! What amazing news! Biggest congratulations to you!!! Hugs, Autumn

    1. Dear Autumn....Thank you Thank you for your kind words and praise. It really means so much to me!!!! I was sooooo surprised when I found out I won....I took a moment out from decorating for the holidays to check my email....and someone had congratulated me! LOL!!!! XOXOXO

  8. WOW, fantastic job...this is so lush and beautiful, just screams autumn to my eyes.

    1. Jodi....Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me some "SCRAPPY LOVE!" Fall is such a great subject to craft with!!!!
      Thank you again...XOXO

  9. Mylissa, I'm so pleased Tim chose you as one of this month's winners! Beautiful!

    1. Sara...Thank you so much for the praise....It really touches my heart and makes me feel good...Crafting gives me sooo much pleasure! XOXO

  10. So happy to see that you are a winner this month, congratulations! Your tag is really outstanding.

    1. Hello ...Hello Beulah Bee....Thank you for stopping by and leaving some LOVE! It really means a lot to me!!!! THANK YOU....XOXO....M

  11. Absolutely stunning!! I love all the foliage you used to make it look so full and fall like! And the acorn is perfect! Congrats on your win! :)

    1. Hello Cathy....thank you sooo much for stopping by and leaving some love....I have been so busy with holiday decorating that I didn't even realize I had won....WHOO HOO! I checked out the new tag yesterday, but didn't check out the post...LOL!

  12. Congratulation on the winning.
    Beautifully Tag.

    1. Thank you sooo much Hanifa for visiting and leaving some "SCRAPPY LOVE!" I really appreciate it! XOXO

  13. Mylissa, congrats on your win - your tag is just stunning! To me, it looks more like a beautiful floral (except mostly beautiful leaves) arrangement that you'd send to someone because it's so dimensional. It's just fabulous, Mylissa, so glad you won because you definitely deserved it. Well done! Thank you for leaving some love on my blog, too - appreciate that! :-) :-)

    1. Dear Marty...Thank you for the lovely praise on my tag! Makes me sooo happy and proud to hear you LOVE it! Thank you for visiting and leaving some "SCRAPPY LOVE!" Happy Crafting!!!XOXO