Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Tim Holtz 2016 May Tag
 Tim's Tag is soooo BEAUTIFUL. 
Here is the link to Tim's tag and the directions on how 
to create it:
However... I didn't have this stamp or the spoon or the
 TinyTattered Florals die.  I have lots of 
stamps, but I am not into buying images of people.
So I knew I would really have to think about what I was
going to do with this month's tag. I didn't really want to
do another photo tag of my mom...I already have several 
of those....MMMMMMmmmmm what to dooo????
Going through my stamps really helped me here.
I found this one stamp that I had purchased  that
had this beautiful child's face on it.'s what I am going with.
Here is my Month of May Tag.
You are right ....this tag has NOTHING to do with
the month of May... I just went with the 
creative spirit.
See the beautiful child's face on the stamp....
When I was making this tag...I had no idea what the name 
of this stamp was.  I thought....this is so sweet and the face is so round
like the moon....I thought...."Love you to the moon and back"....
I looked at it and it made me think of another
stamp set I had which I will share with you further into this post.
I really had to stop thinking about Tim's pretty tag so I could
focus on creating something totally different.
So following Tim's directions I applied my washi tape.
Here's the To The Moon stamp set.  I purchased this awhile back
from Simon Says Stamp. I partially stamped the images onto
Now to apply the modeling paste.  
It doesn't take much.
Here is a close up of how well
the modeling paste went through 
the SPECKELS stencil.

The distress ink colors were an easy choice.
Sticking to blue, pumice stone and
some white!
Today I was being really lazy.  I just took a large bag and
set my tag in there to spray... I may do this again.  I had 
enough ink left in the bag to put my ribbon in there and get it all inky.
I do not like to waste my colors. LOL!'s looking soooo Pretty!

 Here are the colors I used.
 Let's dry this baby....
  Does this have the look of the moon surface...
I have never been there but I have heard of a 
"BLUE" moon.
 Lots of little ink drops still in this bag.
Just enough for my Tim Holtz Crinkle Ribbon.

Time for the final embellishments.
A little charm to dangle from the ribbon.
A label for the word moon.
Some distress ink for the edges and
a few stitches on the sewing machine to look
like shooting stars.
A tiny tab for Tim's Tiny Types "to the"
(black and white).
I cut the tab out of paper scraps.
(I was tooo lazy to even get out my mat...
I just used some old chipboard)
Time for a little more ink spray.
I just unscrewed the top and shook the straw
part of the sprayer over the tag.
I really like the way this "DROPS" onto
the tag.
I blotted the excess off of the washi tape.
Ta Da.....ALLL DONE.
Can you still read it????


I was trying to get the pretty shimmer in this photo.

Here's my "MOON" Tag for the month
of May.
Hope you liked it!
Thanks for stopping by and leave some
"LOVE" if you want!


  1. Gosh, looking through your photos you must have had tons of fun making this one. I admire your original take and the great embellishments. Nicely done!

    1. Beulah Bee.....thank you so much for visiting and leaving some LOVE!!!!!'s fun to step out of the box sometimes and just create! Tim, as always, inspires!

  2. Wonderful Tag! Really amazing interpretation ;-) Maria

    1. HELLO Maria....Thanks soooo much for stopping by and leaving some "LOVE!" LOL this tag turned out soooo different from Tim's! I still want to try and do something very similar to his BEAUTIFUL tag! XOXO

  3. What a beautiful interpretation of Tim's tag Mylissa! LOVE the moon and star imagery and the colors, splatter - wonderful overall design! Julia xx

    1. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Julia! I was really worried about what I was going to create because I didn't have any of the supplies to create Tim's lovely tag! But in the end.... I love the way my BLUE MOON tag turned out... totally unexpected! Sometimes you just got to go with the FLOW! LOL
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving some LOVE!!!!

  4. Just found your tag from Tim's blog... yours is my absolute favorite! Love your take on this tag - such a beautiful combination of images, sentiments, inks - all of it.

    1. Oh Jean....Thank YOU soooo much for your COMPLIMENTS!!!!
      You really made my day! I soooo loved Tim's creation, but I just wasn't able to go in that direction for the month of May...My tag started with that little "moon" stamp...LOL...I didn't even know the name of it at the was just meant to be!
      Happy Crafting and thank you again for the lovely words! XOXOXO