Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother-in-laws 90th Birthday Project

My husband's mother's 90th birthday is at the end of June.  We are planning
a small gathering of people to celebrate this wonderful event. 
I think when you make it to this age, something special should take place. 
So I hope everything turns out alright. 
I decided I would try to make something special for her.  I bought two
seven gypsies trays and have finally started her project. I've always wanted
to use these trays.  I thought two of them side by side would look good on
the wall.   I am using pink paisley soree paper.  It is so bright and fun! 
Just right for a birthday party.  When I get a little further along, I will post
some pictures.  One thing that I am having trouble with...
there are not a lot of good pictures available.  I believe a lot of her pictures
were lost in a flood some years back.  I am hoping I can make do with what
I have. I am planning on having a conversation with her to find out some
answers to some questions that I have.  I think that if I don't have pictures,
I can at least have some wonderful information about her to share. 
I will type up some questions to ask her, so I will have that ready
and then I can just write down her answers beside the question. 
This will help with journaling. 
For me...these trays are very small and they don't hold a lot. 
I will have to be creative with my paper when I put in my
journaling and pictures.  I plan on using pockets and fold outs
(like I used on my mother's day book).  As usual, I can't wait to finish.

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