Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All I can think about is my "Mother's Day" project

I am so sorry I couldn’t post last night.  My boys
had lots of computer work to do.  It was one of
those nights where we weren’t empty nesters.  It
was crazy here.  My oldest son also has a friend who is
staying with us for a few days.  He didn’t have any
place to go.  This is another one of those moments
in life where I feel blessed.  I am sure it would be
a great topic open up for discussion.  But even
though I don’t always agree with my boys on things,
I just don’t think I could just put them out on the street
until they are ready to be independent.  (I don't think
they will be reading this).

Back to my topic and focus….

I can’t wait to finish this “Mother’s Day” mini book.
I never thought I would want to do a mini book.  But
I got the mini book bug.  I help out at EMI Scrapbooking
Store in Cumming, Georgia.  EMI stands for:  Every
Moments Important.  It is the cutest store.   She has tons
of the latest paper with embellishments and ribbon.  EMI also has
the most adorable mini books and the owner, Susan Moore,
sells these kits in the store or online. So I definitely got the
mini book bug. 
For my “Mother’s Day” mini book I started by designing my
book layout on graph paper.  Then I picked out some pretty
paper, designed the shape of my book, picked out the pictures
I want to use, picked out some “Ribbon” and embellishments
I thought might go with everything, then I found some cute
quotes about mother’s and grandmothers and wrote some
personal thoughts and I am off and running.  I can’t wait to
share it…

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